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International Windship Association | April 7, 2020

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Computed Wing Sail (CWS) – IWSA Member

Computed Wing Sail (CWS) – IWSA Member


CWS is developing an innovating wing sail system for cargo ships based on the patented inversion of an asymmetric form. This optimized aerodynamic sail is telescopic, fully automated and adaptable on existing vessels. It allows our clients to significantly reduce their fuel consumption.


CWS patented reversible rib innovation achieves maximum aerodynamic performance, especially upwind.

  • Possible use of the system on existing vessels (retrofit), enabling their upgrading to future standards, and thus extending their operational life
  • Container-delivered systems all over the world and therefore simplified maintenance
  • A fully automated system
  • A significant decrease in the environmental footprint of ships to meet regulatory constraints

An increase in the operating margin of our customers: an installed system saves annually 1000 tons of fuel (ROI client < 4 years)


IWSA Member

AddressENSAM 151 Boulevard de l’Hôpital 75013 Paris
Tel+33 6 20 86 44 64