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International Windship Association | April 24, 2018

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Blue Technology – IWSA Member

Blue Technology – IWSA Member


Blue Technology has developed a new type of ship, which can operate with zero emissions and without the use of ballast water.

“ZEV Liberty” is a 198 meters trimeran, powered by the wind and solar energy. The main propulsion is delivered by two 110 meters wing-sails assisted by 4 electric driven azimuth propellers, and we have a payload capacity and performance that we expect to be competitive with the current fleet transporting light weight commodities.  We have set up at “Proof of Concept” study, that we expect to finish this year, giving us some data on how much energy we can store when we have sufficient wind. We aim to have a full scale zero emission ships by 2024.

IWSA Member

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AddressBransville, Wembworthy, Devon, EX187RQ
Tel0044-1837 682895 or 0044-777 6330169
EmailVicki and Haydn

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