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International Windship Association | February 27, 2021

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Computed Wing Sail (CWS) – IWSA Member

Computed Wing Sail (CWS) – IWSA Member


CWS is developing an innovating wing sail system for cargo ships based on the patented inversion of an asymmetric form. This optimized aerodynamic sail is telescopic, fully automated and adaptable on existing vessels. It allows our clients to significantly reduce their fuel consumption.


CWS is developing an innovative propulsive sail device for Maritime Transport. Our wing sail works like a vertical airplane wing providing additional thrust to cargo ships. Our foldable wing is based on optimized aerodynamics enabled by an asymmetric, cambered profile, providing very high lift and low drag. CWS fully owns its technology and our patents enable inversion of the profile between left and right tacks. This system generates significant thrust in almost all wind conditions, including on already fast-moving ships. Our wing reduces the ship’s fuel consumption by helping the main engine in an automated and safe way and can be deployed both on existing fleet (retrofit) and on newbuild ships (direct integration).


IWSA Member

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