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International Windship Association | May 28, 2020

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EcoClipper – IWSA Member

EcoClipper – IWSA Member


EcoClipper is a specialist shipping company, that focuses on developing and launching a line of emission-free, square-rigged, sailing cargo ships.

EcoClipper will be scaling up the successes that are achieved by the current sailing cargo ships. In order to realise this, EcoClipper will finalise the already started design for the prototype of an engineless, sailing cargo passenger ship, influenced by the ‘state of the art’ clipper ships of the 19th century. A multitude of one-ship shipping companies will be launched, that will all be using this design. These shipping companies will be marketed through an on-going marketing campaign, meant to attract investors who strive to expand their sustainable investment portfolio. This way, we create a company based on good ethics, with the application of an unprecedented adventurous story, the offer of true sustainability, in a potentially booming, global market.

IWSA Member

AddressEcoClipper B.V.
Fnidsen 48, 1811NH Alkmaar, Netherlands

Phone+31(0)618 510 958