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International Windship Association | April 24, 2018

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IWSA – SMM Conference 2016

IWSA – SMM Conference 2016


SMM Conference 2016

6-9th September – Hamburg

This year, we will bring the International Windship Association to SMM 2016, with a large premier positioned booth, A301, in the exciting new A5 Hall, which is a big draw specialising in sustainable, alternative propulsion solutions. We also have secured a presentation area where we will have a 4-day Innovation Forum, with wind propulsion project showcases, panel discussions on the future of the sector, unveiling leading research papers along with film showings and networking events.

Booth Co-Exhibitors (A5-301)

The IWSA booth at SMM is the opportunity for some of our members to showcase their projects and also to announce the latest developments in the project development. These include:

Peaceboat: Ecoship
(Japan) – developing the world’s Greenest Cruise Liner
Estraden with two Rotor Sails from port - web
Norsepower Oy Ltd (Finland) -  Norsepower Rotor Sail System
UT Windchallenger
(Japan) – Telescopically retractable rigid sails

Blue Technology
(Denmark) – Large Mutlihull design


(Location – presentation area right in front of our booth – Hall A5, booth 301)

Click on Graphic Below  (full details lower down the page)

Innovation Forum - Website Graphic_FINAL

Sponsored by

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Tuesday, 6th September

1000-1100 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION      Inerjy  /  Bound4Blue

1100-1200 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION      CargoPrao: Fair Winds Trading Co

1200-1245 PANEL DISCUSSION:  Future of Wind Propulsion & Sustainable Shipping

Panellists: Peter Schenzle – Wind propulsion specialist, inventor of Indosail system & lecturer at Hamburg University of Technology, Ted Shergalis – Co-Founder, Magnuss Services Inc., Brian Boserup – CEO, Blue Technology, Gavin Allwright – IWSA Secretary

Sponsored by Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI)

1300-1345 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION     Blue Technology [Co-exhibitor]

1400-1500 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION      Magnuss / Wind+Wing Technologies

1500-1545 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION      UT Windchallenger  [Co-exhibitor]

1600-1800 EVENT   Wind Propulsion – Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony & Networking Drinks
More details CLICK HERE

Sponsored by Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)

Wednesday, 7th September

PEACEBOAT – ECOSHIP (3-hour session)

1000-1030  PRESENTATION: Ecoship (general + technical)

1030-1300  CALL FOR SUPPLIERS: Ecoship

1030-1100 LNG propulsion and LNG tank makers
1100-1130 Waste Energy recovery
1130-1200 Waste and Water recycling
1200-1230 Solar panels-solar energy
1230-1300  HVAC systems

1300-1400 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION      Crain Technologies   /  CargoSail

1400-1445 PANEL DISCUSSION: Small Vessel Market

Panellists: Charlie Bogue, Director of Market Development & Strategy, Wind+Wing Technologies, Inc,Madadh Maclaine,  CEO, Fair winds Trading Company, Dr. Robert Dane, CEO, Ocius Technology Ltd, Nicholas Sedz, Engineer, VPLP Design, Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary

Sponsored by Fair Winds Trading Company

1500-1545 PANEL DISCUSSION:    Drivers & Incentives for Commercial Wind Propulsion

Panellists:  Eelco Leemans, CEO LMC & Founder, Clean Shipping Coalition, Sara Skold, Shipping Sustainability Consultant, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, Ted Shergalis – Co-Founder, Magnuss Services Inc., Prof. Orestis Schinas, Shipping and Ship Finance, HSBA

Sponsored by Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)

EVENT – Film Show & Networking Drinks

Showing a collection of short films and recorded interviews about wind propulsion projects and developments around the world.

Sponsored by Peace Boat: Ecoship Project

Thursday, 8th September

1000-1045 PANEL DISCUSSION:   Ports, Cargo, Logistics & Wind Propulsion

Panellists: Manfred Lebmeier, Head of Environmental & Spatial Strategy, Hamburg Port,  Gavin van Marle, Editor, The Loadstar , Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary

Sponsored by GreenPort

1100-1145 PANEL DISCUSSION:   Finance & Wind Propulsion Technologies

Panellists: Prof. Orestis Schinas, Shipping and Ship Finance, HSBA, Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower, Galen Hon,  Manager - Shipping Efficiency, Carbon War Room

Sponsored by Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)

1200-1245 PANEL DISCUSSION:   Media Perceptions of Wind Propulsion

Panellists: Gavin Lipsith, Editor, The Motorship, Craig Eason, Deputy Editor, Lloyds List, Gavin van Marle, Editor, The Loadstar

Sponsored by The Motorship

1300-1345 COMPLEMENTARY TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION: Optimal Propulsion for Wind Hybrids
Kjartan Ross, Business Development Manager, Propeller & Aft Ship, MAN Diesel & Turb0

Sponsored by The Motorship

Jérôme Védrenne
, R&D Engineer, Crain Technologies

Sponsored by The Motorship

1500-1545 PANEL DISCUSSION:   Complementary Technology & Wind Propulsion

Panellists: Kjartan Ross, Business Development Manager, Propeller & Aft Ship at MAN Diesel & Turbo, Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine, GoodFuels , Jérôme Védrenne, R&D Engineer, Crain Technologies, Sascha Stras­ser- Project Manager, MARIKO

Sponsored by GoodFuels

1600-2000 EVENT   Wind Propulsion Innovation Award Ceremony & Networking Drinks

More details CLICK HERE

1600-1700 Innovation Award
Sponsored by Class INSB

1700-1800 Technology Users Award
Sponsored by Sustainable Shipping Initiative

1800-1900 Research Award
Sponsored by Norsepower

1900-2000 Networking Drinks
Sponsored by Norsepower

 Friday, 9th September

1000-1045 TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION   Norsepower [Co-exhibitor]

1100-1145 PANEL DISCUSSION:   Ship Design and Wind Propulsion 

Panellists: Prof. Michael Vahs, Emden Leer University & Wind Propulsion Specialist, Prof. Kazuyuki Ouchi, Leader of Wind Challenger Project at School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo,  Jarkko Väinämö, CTO, Norsepower, Rogier Eggers, Senior Project Manager at MARIN, Konstantinos Fakiolas,  Sales Director, Ship Design, Deltamarin

Sponsored by Deltamarin

1200-1245 PANEL DISCUSSION: Barriers & Solutions for Wind Propulsion

Panellists: Katharine Palmer, Environmental Manager at Lloyds Register, Dr. Michael Traut, Tyndall Centre, Manchester University, Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower, Dr. Jasper Faber, Coordinator Aviation and Shipping, CE Delft

Sponsored by Lloyds Register

PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Research on Wind Propulsion

Panellists: Prof. Osman Turan, Director of Research Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde,  Dr. Michael Traut, Tyndall Centre, Manchester University, Rogier Eggers, Senior Project Manager at MARIN.

Sponsored by Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)

1400-1445 RESEARCH PRESENTATIONSavings due to wind assistance in the EEDI and other wind assistance research at MARIN     
Rogier Eggers, Senior Project Manager at MARIN.

Sponsored by Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)

1500-1545 RESEARCH PRESENTATION: Market potentials and market barriers for wind propulsion technologies for ships.
Dr. Jasper Faber,  Coordinator Aviation and Shipping, CE Delft

Sponsored by Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)

1600-1645 RESEARCH PRESENTATION: Performance of Wind Assisted Ships at Voyage Level , Authors: Benjamin Howett, Tong Cui , Prof.Osman Turan and Sandy Day, University of Strathclyde

Sponsored by Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)

1700-1745 RESEARCH PRESENTATION: The Paris Agreement: challenges and opportunities for shipping.
Dr.Michael Traut, Tyndal Centre, University of Manchester

Sponsored by Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)



INSB Logo_May16      HSBA_RGB_zentr_2zeilig     logo_marin     Deltamarin_logo_RGB-300x88      SSI_logo_blue    P   229-75153_Corporate_Site_Logo  GoodFuels Marine Logo    GreenPort
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If you are interested in coming aboard and aligning your brand with leading innovations and cutting edge technologies in the world of shipping, with your representatives able to attend and promote your brand at the event as well as having a unique opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and customers keen to embrace truly green, low carbon alternatives in the market.






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