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International Windship Association | November 17, 2019

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Fair Winds Trading Company – IWSA Member

Fair Winds Trading Company – IWSA Member

Fair Winds Trading Company is a not-for profit organisation that aims to develop an ethical and sustainable method of international and intercontinental trade through the ecological transportation of fairly traded goods that support bio-diversity.

IWSA Member

Towards this end, the organisation is working on the design for a zero emission low impact cargo sailing ship that can access goods where they are produced. Using the same tools applied in racing technology, the boat is designed to be fast, light, highly maneuverable and able to sail close to the wind.

Using sustainably sourced, light-weight biodegradable materials, the vessel will have a low environmental impact throughout its life cycle. In addition, the use of sails for propulsion eliminates any air emissions.

In addition to these environmental benefits, the vessel developed by Fair Winds Trading Company offers extensive socio-economic benefits. Given that many developing countries do not have the necessary infrastructure to handle the increasing size of today’s vessels, they are factually excluded from world trade. The low draft and multi-hull will allow Fair Wind’s vessel to navigate shallow river estuaries and load and offload freight anywhere from major ports to a beach.  This gives remote developing countries in general and remote communities more specifically direct access to global markets. It also minimises the need for road transport on both ends.

The low technology requirement make the vessel inexpensive to build and simple to repair and therefore accessible to people in developing countries.

AddressStilloch, Lunga
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Phone+44 (0)1852500712