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International Windship Association | May 21, 2019

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Blue Technology (Denmark)
Crain Technologies (France)
Dykstra Naval Architects (Netherlands)
Energy Ship (Germany)
Fair Transport (Netherlands)
Fair Winds Trading Company (UK)
IDMM (Netherlands)
Magnuss Ltd (US)
Maine Sail Freight (US)
MARIN (Netherlands)
MARIKO [Maritimes Kompetenzzentrum Leer gemeinnützige GMBH] (Germany)
Mer Forte (France)
Modern Merchant Sailing Vessel (Germany)
NEOLINE (France)
New Dawn Traders (UK)
Norsepower (Finland)
North Sea Foundation (Netherlands)
One Sails (UK)
Oceania Centre for Sustainable Transport (OCST) (Fiji)
Peace Boat Ecoship Project (Japan)
Propelwind (France)
Sailline Fish Ltd (UK)
Salish Sea Trading Cooperative (US)
Seagate Sail (Italy)
Smart Green Shipping Alliance (UK)
Timbercoast (Germany/Australia)
TU Delft (Netherlands)
Vindskip/Lade AS (Norway)
Wind Challenger (Japan)
Windship project (Netherlands)
Windvinder (Germany)
Wind+Wing Technologies (US)
WWF International (UK)


SkySails (Germany)
Sea-Change Sailing Trust (UK)
University of South
Pacific (USP)
Province of Fryslan (SAIL Program – Netherlands)
UCL Energy Institute (Sustainable Shipping – UK)
Heinz Otto, Windschiffe, (Germany)
Trans Oceanic Wind Transport (TOWT) (France)
Prof. Alastair Couper – Emeritus Professor, University of Cardiff (UK/Pacific Ocean)
Dr. Peter Nuttall – Pacific Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development
Portsmouth University (UK)
Plymouth University (UK)
Atlantis Trading Company (Commercial) (Netherlands)
Lo Entropy (Denmark)
Sailing for Sustainability (Fiji)
Greenheart Project (Japan)
Dr. Chris Rynikiewiicz, University of Sussex (UK/France)
Fiji Voyaging Society (Fiji)
Carbon War Room (Shipping Efficiency)
Dr. Claus Schriver, KFW (Germany)
Vally Athanasopoulou, Greenpeace International
Dave Walsh, Arctic, Antarctic and Oceans Campaigner & Communicator
Peter Schenzle, HVSA (rtd) (Germany)
Isabelle Rojon, Researcher, Fathom Shipping (UK)
Prof. Richard Birmingham – Univ. of Newcastle (UK)
Emden Leer Hochschule (Germany)
Katell Jaouannet, E&E Consultant (France)
Taratari Shipyard (Bangladesh)