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International Windship Association | January 24, 2019

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Neoline – IWSA Member

Neoline – IWSA Member


The Neoline project was initiated by a multidisciplinary group of French Merchant Navy professionals who set up a common work structure – the Neoline Association –. Neoline aims to promote the novel and ambitious idea of planning, building and operating a mostly wind powered cargo ship – a non-polluting, efficient means of transport complying with the highest environmental standards.

The NEOLINER, a 5300 tons ro-ro ship fitted with innovative duplex rigging and equipped with an electric diesel auxiliary propulsion system will offer shippers a freight service in line with market regularity and efficiency standards. Thanks to its objective of a 90% reduction of hydrocarbon consumption, the Neoliner will be able to meet stringent requirements in means of cost control and environmental excellence.
The first Neoliner prototype is intended to be sailing on a transatlantic course.
Summary of ship’s particulars
Length overall: 120 m
Breadth overall: 21.50 m
Displacement: 9480 t
Total sail surface: 4300 m²
Average commercial speed under sail: 11kts
Cargo capacity: 230 TEU or 5300 t or 745 linear meters.

IWSA Associate Member

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