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International Windship Association | October 1, 2020

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News & Media

News & Media

September 2020

Article – Wind Propulsion: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Delivery of Zero Emissions Vessels
This article appears in the September 2020 issue of EM Magazine, a copyrighted publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA;

Article PDF download Wind Propulsion – A Breath of Fresh Air in the Delivery of ZEVs – Sept 2020
There are quite a few other interesting articles in the magazine regarding ZEVs and three easy ways to access the full-length issue of EM:

  1. Via the A&WMA App: App-friendly interactive content, such as hyperlinks, pop-up windows, animations, and slideshows, will only be available via the app version. Download the app for free today:
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They also offer readers and contributors an easy option for print-on-demand through the online publisher Visit the A&WMA Storefront at and click on an issue of EM to order your personal printed copy that is delivered directly to your door.


09 September – Webinar: Renewable Transportation: Shipping and Aviation
Hosted by World Wind Energy Association In collaboration with the International Windship Association and the International Association for Sustainable Aviation

Time: Wed, 9 Sep 2020, 12:00-14:30 (CEST).

While the power sector in many countries is progressing well towards a full renewable energy supply and land based transportation is taking major steps away from fossil, fuels, two important areas have hardly been tackled: Aviation and Shipping. In order to achieve the goal of a climate neutral world and to shift human economic activities completely towards renewable energy, it is imperative that these two sectors be converted too. Although today almost all vessels and planes are fuelled with fossil fuel, very promising concepts are available with the potential of completely switching away from such fuels. This webinar will present the state of the art in aviation and shipping and will discuss actual and potential solutions. A special focus will be on how wind and other renewable sources can support these two difficult-to-abate transportation sectors in managing this transformation.
Presenters include:
– Gavin Allwright, IWSA – Wind Propulsion: Overview
– Ralf Nolting & Rudolf Doerpinghaus, IASA – Renewable energy in aviation
– Stefan Gsänger, WWEA – Wind Energy and Renewable Energy Worldwide
– (tbc) Dr. Harry Lehmann, German Federal Environment Agency UBA – Requirements for sustainable aviation and shipping
– Martial Claudepierre, Sustainable Shipping, Global Technology Leader, Bureau Veritas – Alternative/zero-emissions fuel developments in shipping
– Brian Boserup, CEO of Blue Technology (Denmark) – Zero-emissions vessel design incorporating wind, hydrogen, solar etc. – looking at a paradigm shift in shipping
– Renewable based shipping on inland waterways (tbc)
– Sam Bruce, CSIRO – Opportunities for hydrogen in commercial aviation
– Gero Rueter, Deutsche Welle – Comments on the role of flying in a world which is struggling for climate neutrality
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02 September – IWSA presentation to Clean Cargo Working Group: overview presentation of wind propulsion developments, market opportunities and case studies of existing market ready technologies and new designs.

August 2020

31 August – Announcement – New Members – We are very pleased to welcome aboard new full member BAR Technologies from the UK and new associate member D-ICE Engineering from France.

BAR Technologies (UK) – a team of world leading naval architects and optimisation specialists, fluid dynamists, mechanical, structural and composite engineers together with control strategy and system specialists.


D-ICE Engineering (France) – focusing on scientific challenges about hydrodynamics, optimization, control and data science. Developing solutions for decarbonizing the shipping industry and producing clean energy.


23 August – Aug/Sep 2020 (Print edition] – SAIL Magazine article – Green is the New Black: In response to demands to reduce emissions, the shipping industry is reconsidering wind power.   Download Article PDF GreenistheNewBlack – SAIL Magazine Aug-Sep2020

IWSA Event Participation Update (more to come)

Naples Shipping Week – Port&ShippingTech, Main conference of the Naples Shipping Week, 28 Sep – 03 Oct – IWSA presentation on Thu 01 Oct as part of GreenShipping summit

The Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference 2020 , 5-6 Oct at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. IWSA Presentation scheduled at 11:15 am on Day 1 (5 Oct) “Overview of wind assisted marine projects”

Hiper Conference (DNV-GL host – Cortona, Italy 12-14 Oct) – line up includes IWSA members and presentations on wind propulsion– Econowind, Becker Marine Systems, Nayam Wings, and MARIN,

Motorship Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference was originally scheduled for Nov 2020, now postponed to 18-20 May 2021- featuring a wind propulsion panel and technology visit.

SMM 2020 – rescheduled for 2-5 Feb 2021 – IWSA will have a booth at the trade show along with presentation schedule – more details to follow.

20 August: Announcement: Airseas Seawing Design acquires Preliminary Approval from ClassNK – “K”LINE and AIRSEAS have jointly obtained “Approval In Principle (AIP)” from ClassNK in line with with their ‘Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems’ guidelines.
“K”LINE Press release 
CLASSNK Press Release

20 August: Press release – Scandlines Ferry & Norsepower Rotor – Ferry Operator & Passengers are Moved by the Wind:
Passengers aboard the Scandlines ferry, the MV Copenhagen have been getting a little extra experience for their standard ticket price as people start to emerge from lockdown and start to stretch their legs and commence travelling again. The EU Green Deal aims to lower pollution and carbon levels across Europe and the experience of taking a ferry in part powered by the wind is something quite out of the ordinary, but hopefully not for much longer. [Part of the EU Interreg WASP project]
English PDF
Danish Link
German Link  

19 August: Press ReleaseThe Wind of Change – Update of Windship Technology system testing – A new sail power concept being developed by a consortium of key players in the global shipping industry is all set to demonstrate how innovative composite materials are charting new waters.

Enkhuizen Nautical College – New Course on Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion: Modern Developments in Sailing Ships starting in 2021. This module will be part of the ‘Grote Zeilvaart’ (GZV), but will also be a stand-alone course for those interested in learning about new technologies.
Find out more…

Recent articles focusing on the momentum building in the wind propulsion sector & some of the challenges faced:

Decarbonisation – whose risk is it?
Sail Power Enjoys a Second Wind
A Low Carbon Future
Why Wind Works

July 2020

27 July: New Registered Supporter: We are very pleased to welcome the Canard Wingsail team as a new IWSA registered supporter

Canard wingsail

27 July: Ecoclipper Press Release: Presentation half hull model prototype EcoClipper500

17 July: BBC World Service Program: Underwater sound generated by human activity has been growing hugely over the years, this BBC world service program features three IWSA members, eConowind, MARIN and Smart Green Shipping Alliance talking about wind propulsion as part of the solution to shipping noise.

10 July: Open Consultation: The EU based Waterborne TP project has launched an open consultation on the draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport.We are working with Waterborne and the STEERER project as members of the Green Shipping Expert Group. We urge all IWSA members and supporters to engage with this public consultation process.


06 July: Anemoi Marine Technologies has released a video of their folding rotor sail system

05 July: New Supporter Announcement: Very pleased to welcome CRODA as a new registered supporter, we are looking forward to working together to further the development of wind propulsion solutions.


01 July: Article: Go(ne)ing with the Wind: 40 ships to have wind propulsion installed by the end of 2022.

June 2020

30 June: International Green Shipping and Technology Summit | Online Webinar: Presentation & Panel Discussion – Wind Propulsion & Environmental Challenges for Shipping.

29 June: Wind Propulsion seminar at European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF): IWSA overview of developments in the market and latest installations + Update of WASP project. ABS, MARIN presenting on WiSP and Dykstra Naval Architects presentation on design challenges and technologies.

29 June Announcement: Agreement to install two of Norsepower’s largest Rotor Sails (35m) on board SEA-CARGOs SC Connector, a sidedoor Ro-Ro in Q4, 2020. The agreement also heralds the installation of the world’s first tiltable Rotor Sail enabling them to tilt to almost horizontal when required. The SC Connector is a 12,251 GT Ro-Ro cargo vessel operating in the North Sea.
This installation will be the fifth installation for Norsepower’s Rotor Sail and will bring the fleet of flettner rotor vessels to nine vessels, with 18 rotors installed by the end of the year.
Read Press Release

Watch Video

29 June: EU European Sustainable Shipping Forum (DG Move: ESSF): Ship Efficiency & Alternative Propulsion Subgroups – Wind Propulsion Presentations: IWSA, MARIN,  ABS (WiSP project) & Dykstra

25 June: Out On The Pull: Making Wind Assistance Work

25 June: Article: Wind Above: What Goes On Below?


15-17 June: INNOV’SAIL 2020: Thank you to all of the organising team, Chalmers University for hosting the conference and to all of the presenters and panellists. We heard a lot of excellent papers over the three days on both yacht design and wind propulsion for commercial ships and IWSA looks to further discussions and cross-fertilisation of ideas, design concepts, performance assessment etc. NOTE: The conference proceedings are now available for all attendees along with recorded presentations, including the IWSA overview of wind propulsion in commercial shipping.

16 June: Asia Clean Energy Forum (Asia Development Bank): Panel: Economy-wise Energy Evolution – Wind Propulsion in Shipping, Use of Direct, Primary Renewable Energy

12 June: Newsletter: Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) – EU Interreg North Sea Region Project  Read online   Download PDF

03 June: New Members & Supporters Announcement: Very pleased to welcome a number of new members and registered supporters to IWSA, we are looking forward to working together to further the development of wind propulsion solutions.

Advanced Wing Systems (Australia) – Full Member

Enkhuizen Nautical College (Netherlands) – Associate Member

XP Sea (France) – Registered Supporter

Times Up (Austria) – Registered Supporter


01 June: Wind Propulsion Guidelines: Official Release of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Guide for Wind Assisted Propulsion System Installation Download

May 2020

28 May: Natural Propulsion Seminar – Thank you to MARIN for arranging the 8th Natural Propulsion Seminar as part of the annual Blueweek conference, while this was moved to an online event, the quality of presentations was maintained, and IWSA Secretary General moderated the Q&A and discussion sessions. Also an initial presentation of the Wind Propulsion Accelerator project, with more details to follow.

Links to presentation papers will be released shortly.

28 May: IWSA Annual General Meeting: Thank you to the over 30 IWSA members that joined us for the first online AGM on Thursday morning. We had a very successful meeting, with a clear pathway forward for wind propulsion developments and IWSA Secretary General stated: “The key message that is coming out of the market continues to be for the wind propulsion segment to deliver the projects and technology, conclude the sea trials and get verified fuel saving results and we will invest.” adding that; “…securing the place for wind propulsion in the maritime decarbonisation strategy going forward is of primary concern and we feel that the association is well placed to bring about that change this year.”

26 May: New Rotor sail Installation: Norsepower Rotor Sail installation completed on Scandlines hybrid ferry M/V Copenhagen in just a few hours. A Large 30m tall Rotor Sail, fitted in the port of Rostock overnight as part of the EU Interreg North Sea Region funded WASP project, and the rotor sail is predicted to reduce emissions by an estimated 4-5 percent. Read more 

26 May: WiSP Project – Update meeting as part of Blueweek – Great to hear more progress is being made on validation and prediction work packages along with regulatory issues and looking forward to engaging with dissemination activities after the Summer.

26 May: INNOV’SAIL 2020 ConferenceRegistration is open. During the three days of the conference, 15-17 June 2020, there is a unique opportunity to see the most recent research in sailing – both competitive and commercial. World-leading experts in the field will present 29 papers on their research, and there will be two invited presentations. Areas covered include the whole spectrum of topics, from fundamental fluid dynamics – How is lift generated on a sail? – to performance prediction for sailing yachts and the Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of wind-powered ships.  The social interaction is very important, and we have made sure that you, despite us meeting online, will have the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with inspiring colleagues and companies. The INNOV´SAIL 2020 B2Match platform is the place where we connect and book individual virtual meetings during the three days of the conference. The sign up for your profile will be done easily through the link you receive when your registration for the conference is completed.

Note also that immediately following the scientific sessions there will be brief presentations by some of the most important companies in the field.

If you have not yet registered, please do so at the conference web site: The registration at the nominal fee closes on 1 June. After that, registration is still possible, but at twice the nominal fee.

25 May: New Member Announcement: We would like to welcome Japanese shipping company “K” Line to IWSA. We look forward to working together to bring wind propulsion solutions into the main stream of commercial shipping.

Download Press Release – The ‘New Normal’ in Shipping, “K” LINE signals the way forward for Decarbonisation

10 May: Article – A Hard Wind: Fathom World editorial director Craig Eason spoke to three of the new entrants to the club, BAR Technologies, BlueWASP and Airseas about the need for a holistic picture when it comes to ship and sail.

08 May: Article – Back to the Future: Wind Power Could Cut Shipping’s CO2 Emissions

05 May: Tendering Call open for the small vessel Cerulean Project. 

This call comes from the team at the Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport at the University of the South Pacific, IWSA members. The USP Procurement Office has posted the approved tender documents for the Cerulean Project Preliminary Design and Costing contract, which can be found here:

There’s a brief registration process for prospective suppliers through USP’s tender portal, but it’s straightforward and takes less than five minutes.

Call deadline is 02 June, 2020

If you have any follow up questions please contact: Andrew Irvin,
Project Officer – Project Cerulean, Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport

April 2020

28 April – International Windship Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)will be held in the morning of Thursday 28 May 2020, 0800-1100 (UK) 0900-1200 (EU). The Executive committee has decided to hold this online, due to the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves under with the Coronavirus restrictions in place. The event does however remain linked to the Blueweek events, hosted by our member MARIN, specifically the Natural Propulsion Seminar which will follow (also online) in the afternoon the same day – registration for the reduced online seminar will be available soon

All IWSA full and associate members and our registered supporters are invited to attend and links to the online forum will be sent out two weeks before the meeting along with the updated agenda and proposals. The AGM will take be in two parts, with the formal session in the first half of the meeting time followed by a discussion forum in the second half.

24 April: The International WindShip Association (IWSA) and the French Association Wind Ship (APTMD-IWSA) presented a joint submission to comment on the FuelEU Maritime Initiative. Although this initiative seems really relevant, we are concerned about the absence of an important source of renewable energy and of the technologies which allow it to be exploited: WIND!!
CO2 emissions from shipping – encouraging the use of low-carbon fuels – FuelEU Initiative

Download Page: IWSA Feedback Submission

IWSA Newsletter Back Issues
Download several back issues of the IWSA newsletter, if you would like a copy of the latest newsletter, April 2020 or more recent back issues – please send your request to

JULY 2019 Newsletter: IWSA Jul 2019 Newsletter – Summary

FEBRUARY 2019 Newsletter: IWSA Feb 2019 Newsletter – Summary

OCTOBER 2018 Newsletter: IWSA Oct 2018 Newsletter – Summary

22 April – New Wind Propulsion Article:  Drydock Magazine – The Power of Wind 

22 April – Announcement: Amplifier, BAR Technologies and Reederei Nord announced a partnership to develop the final phase of maturing and adapting BAR Technologies’ patented WindWings technology. Read more

21 April – Emergency Funding for Developing World Seafarers crowdfunding campaign – update press release – funds reaching seafarers developing world seafarers who have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. All proceeds go to the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), a UK registered charity, and dispersed through their Seafarers Emergency Fund (SEF).
Supported by ISWAN, World Ocean Council, NAMEPA, The Nautical Institute, Green Marine and IWSA  Press Release – Unseen Unsung Everyday Heroes – 21Apr2020

20 April – Latest IWSA Newsletter Released – if you want to know which way the wind is blowing request your free copy – send your request to

If you would like to receive the full newsletter and other benefits, then these are available to our registered supporters and associate members, please ask for further details.

20 April – Aronnax Podcasts hosted by Craig Eason, Fathom World. Check out the interviews with leading pioneers in the wind propulsion world and IWSA Secretary General.
Listen to episodes:

Wind One:  Craig Eason, Editorial Director at Fathom World spoke to to the Secretary General of the International Windship Association, Gavin Allwright about the recent developments and the association members believes in a new future of windpower, as well as to a Danish entrepreneur Brian Boserup (Blue Technology) who is developing a giant trimaran cargo vessel that’s bigger than a Boeing 747.

Wind Two:  The second in the series looking at the new wave of wind propulsion systems for shipping. Fathom World editorial director talks to co-owner Frank Nieuwenhuis and technical director and system inventor Guus van der Bles from Dutch solution provider Econowind, about the system , its abilities and how they see wind solutions being used in a decarbonised shipping industry.

17 April – Interview with Nicolas Abiven, Chantiers de l’Atlantique and IWSA Executive Committee member talking about the development of their Solid Sail system

Also watch the Silenseas Youtube Video 

16 April – Ventifoil wind-assist system on board the MV Ankie: A time lapse video of the wind-assist eConowind ventifoil installation on board the Van Dam Shipping MV Ankie, a 3,600DWT general cargo vessel operating in the North Sea. The installation was made as part of the Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) project, funded by the Interreg North Sea Europe program, part of the European Regional Development Fund   Van Dam Shipping 


08 April – Welcome to New Member – Blue Wasp
Blue Wasp is an engineering consultancy specialized in wind-assisted ship propulsion. We offer expert and independent technical advice to shipowners, shipyards/designers, technology providers and any other stakeholder of the shipping industry interested in exploiting the economic and environmental benefits that wind-assist offers.

07 April – International Wind Propulsion for Shipping Forum Report – the forum was held in March and now the Full Summary Report Available for Download  International Wind Propulsion for Shipping Forum – Full Report

06 April – Emergency Funding for Developing World Seafarers crowdfunding campaign launched to raise funds to provide Emergency Support for developing world seafarers who have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. All proceeds go to the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), a UK registered charity, and dispersed through their Seafarers Emergency Fund (SEF)
Supported by ISWAN, World Ocean Council, NAMEPA, The Nautical Institute, Green Marine and IWSA

01 April – Press Release: Boomsma Shipping eSigns contract with eConowind for latest VentiFoil Installation    Press Release – Boomsma_Ventifoil_Instalation_Contract 01Apr2020

Congratulations to the Boomsma Shipping team and eConowind and we are looking forward to the installation announcement, the second one under the EU Interreg WASP project

March 2020

28 March: Announcement – With all of the disruption and restrictions in place worldwide for containing the Corona virus pandemic, the IWSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online this year. Further details will follow shortly.

17 March: DNV-GL:  Wind-assisted propulsion can cut fuel costs and emissions: IMO’s decarbonization plans are making wind propulsion attractive again. Advanced aerodynamics science in combination with computer technology has produced a number of technologies that do not require large crews and have demonstrated significant potential.

11 March – GST 2020 – Quite a number of IWSA members made presentations on their wind propulsion projects at the conference. Even with depleted numbers due to the COVID19 situation there was a fairly large audience. Presentations made by Airseas, eConowind and Nayam Wings. Also the IWSA SG delivered a short round-up of the previous day’s wind propulsion forum and delivered IWSA’s perspective on decarbonisation of the industry and the critical and central role that wind propulsion solutions has in the transformation.

10 March – International Wind Propulsion for Shipping Forum – A big thank you to the keynote speaker, Christian Baekmark Schiolborg, Manager of Maritime Technology and Regulation at BIMCO ,all of the presenters, panellists and attendees. A day spent exploring the development of wind propulsion solutions, from finance to technical issues, regulatory, policy, projects and the future. Download: Press Release – International Wind Propulsion Forum

Presenters, Panellists & Projects

BIMCO         Hamburg School of Business Administration    HHx.Blue 
Norsepower Oy     eConowind     Wind+Wing Technologies 
Airseas    AYRO      Maersk Tankers A/S   Van Dam Shipping      
Sail Cargo Inc. (SV Ceiba) Schormanns Maritima (SS Eileen)   
Celtic Cruises Ltd
(SV Lo Entropy) 
SSPA  Kuhne Logistics University (KLU)
MARIN      Blue Technology 

ClassNK guidelines downloadable from
DNV-GL guidelines

WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion) project
WiSP project  

IMO MEPC Submission by the Comoros flag MEPC75 Inf.26

04 March – Article: Wind-Assisted Propulsion Technologies Enter Mainstream  (The Motorship) – Engine designers and other OEMs are following the rapid development of wind-assisted technologies, while naval architects are looking at optimising ship designs

04 March – Dasivedo Design – designers of the Tig Rig System launches a month-long crowdfunding campaign.

03 March – Press release – Windship Technology: Further testing confirms at least 30% annual fuel and emissions saving for commercial shipping.

Further testing confirms at least 30% annual fuel and emissions saving for commercial shipping



New Member: Becker Marine Systems – Delighted to welcome BMS aboard the International Windship Association with the introduction of their Wingsail Project. Read More:

Press Release: 2020-03-02 Press Release Becker Marine & IWSA

03 March: Windship Technology AnnouncementFurther testing confirms at least 30% annual fuel and emissions saving for commercial shipping.
Read More:

01 March – Hansa International Maritime Journal – Interview with IWSA SG: IWSA – Up to 10,700 wind systems until 2030    Wind propulsion of modern cargo vessels has become a viable option for shipowners as many solutions have neared the commercial stage. Hansa talked to Gavin Allwright, Secretary of the International Windship Association (IWSA), about the market.

February 2020

28 February: Announcement Blue Technology: Joint Industry Project Proposal and approaching potential project partners, with the aim to have a zero emission demonstrator ready by 2022.

25 February: Article: A partnership between NAPA and C-Job Naval Architects is studying the applications of wind-assisted propulsion using voyage optimisation software a key requirement to getting the most out of wind propulsion and delivering the upper end of the potential for these technologies.

25 February – UNCTAD Article: Small islands with a strong voice: Why Pacific Islands are playing a critical role in the current shipping decarbonization debate
by IWSA member Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport (MCST).  

24 February – IMO Secretary General Mr. Kitack Lim at European Shipping Week in Brussels backs more development of wind propulsion – he stressed need for urgent action on emissions and the “urgent need” to develop concrete measures to support IMO’s initial strategy to reduce GHG emissions from shipping. He supported ambitious regulatory targets that will act as catalysts for technology, triggering research, development and innovation. He stated: “Zero emission shipping requires the development, widespread availability and affordability of new zero-carbon marine fuels or propulsion technologies, such as renewable hydrogen, ammonia or wind propulsion.”

22 February – Wind Propulsion on Al Jazeera program: Counting the Costs
Short interview talking shipping pollution and wind propulsion’s solution’s potential – starts at 16:30 mins


21 February: Research Article: Will Sails of Steel Make Ships More Sustainable – research article from TU Delft, article by Science editor Jos Wassink

20 February – Safety4Sea London Forum Presentation – IWSA Secretary General short update presentation on wind propulsion progress in 2019-2020

19 February: The Engineer – Article: The rise of the wind ships
Could a new generation of innovative propulsion technologies that harness the power of the wind help the shipping industry clean up its act?

14 February: IMO MEPC 75 Submission – Wind Propulsion Information Paper
Very pleased to announce that the wind propulsion info paper submitted by the Comoros flag has been accepted as MEPC75 Inf.26 and is now available to all delegates and is also publicly available through IMO docs and a pdf copy can be downloaded here too. MEPC 75-INF.26 – Wind propulsion solutions (Comoros) (1)  

The Executive Summary reads: “The decarbonization of shipping is the defining issue of the coming decade; however, currently, one of the leading decarbonization technologies, direct wind propulsion, is receiving only very limited consideration in this critical debate over the future of shipping. Direct thrust from wind propulsion technologies offers a technically and commercially viable near-term solution that can already save 5% to 20% of fuel and associated emissions as wind assistance, with the potential for much higher benefits as the technology develops or is deployed on optimized newbuild ships. Wind solutions are cost-effective, do not depend on alterations to port infrastructure and ensure shipowners have improved operational autonomy in mitigating the risks and uncertainties of being commercially dependent on the unknown cost and availability of alternative fuels. Therefore, the adoption of wind solutions will greatly assist the global fleet in reducing net emissions in the short-term, reducing the carbon intensity of the whole fleet, and better enable to meet IMO GHG reduction targets.”

NOTE: Further more technical submissions will be made at subsequent IMO MEPC sessions so that remaining barriers and challenges can be tackled effectively and a level-playing field put in place that fully values the substantial propulsion contribution delivered by wind propulsion solutions.

12 February: Safety4Sea London Forum: IWSA Secretary general presentation on wind propulsion progress over the last 12 months and future development. The 2nd SAFETY4SEA London Forum is scheduled as a full day event (09:00 to 17:00) on Wednesday 12th of February 2020 at the Hellenic Centre, London UK. IWSA official supporting organisation: Free to Attend – Register Here:

STEERER (Structuring Towards Zero Emission Waterborne Transport) launched in Dec 2019 will coordinate the establishment and communication of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and an Implementation Plan towards zero-emission waterborne transport, in cooperation with all key stakeholders needed to facilitate the transformation to clean waterborne transport. In the definition of STEERER, as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions, all harmful environmental emissions, water pollution and noise emissions have to be eliminated. STEERER’s mission is to bring the various initiatives and sectors’ stakeholders together to join forces for a combined effort with the maximum impact for the climate, people’s health and Europe’s economy.

STEERER is funded by the European Commission research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, with an investment of 1,5 million euro over the course of 30 months, Launched in December 2019. Read more: STEERER_DESCRIPTION

06 February – eConowind:  In cooperation with Conoship International the first fixed line-up Ventifoil placed on the Ankie Scheepvaart bedrijf van Dam. With this auxiliary propulsion, a proposed fuel saving of 1000 litres per day can be achieved. This installation is part of the EU Intereg WASP project.

05 February – Interview [Part Two] The Future of Wind Propulsion Solutions – Adoption & Finance – Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary general

04 February –  The Sogestran group announces its decision to take a stake into the capital of the young shipowner NEOLINE. The Sogestran group, together with its subsidiary COMPAGNIE MARITIME NANTAISE – MN, will accompany NEOLINE in financing its first ships and in setting up the pilot line.
PressRelease_NEOLINE_SOGESTRAN MARITIME NANTAISE_ecological_transition_maritime_transport_04022020
Communiqué_NEOLINE_SOGESTRAN MN_transition_energetique_transport_maritime_04022020

04 February – EDF and NEOLINE signed a specific agreement for the issue of Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) which confirms and enhances the high environmental performance of the young owner’s future commercial sailing vessels.


03 February – Interview [Part One] The Future of Wind Propulsion Solutions – challenges, technology and trends – Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary general

January 2020

28 January – Welcome to our new Associate Member, the classification society ClassNK.  Over the last few years ClassNK has identified and supported the development of wind propulsion technologies as an important contribution to the mix of technologies required for decarbonising the fleet and in September last year, the classification society released its well-received “Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems for Ships”. We are looking forward to working with the ClassNK team in supporting the exciting development of the wind propulsion segment.
Press Release – ClassNK joins IWSA – 28Jan2020 & Graphics

Register Now!
11-12 March – Green Ship Technology (Copenhagen) Denmark is the place where you will meet these stakeholders and gain unrivalled access to influential policy makers, innovators and trailblazers.
All IWSA members are eligible to receive 20% off all delegate passes! Plus, if you book before this Friday (17 January) you will benefit from the early bird rates in addition to the 20% saving.
Simply quote ‘FKT3642WS’ at the checkout or view this link where the discount will be automatically applied.
Agenda highlights:
Benefit from critical insight into commercial issues for managing the move towards a zero-emission future:
• Hear from a leading shipowners’ association on the impact of IMO 2020 sulphur cap after almost 3 months in operation – Anne H Steffensen, Director General, Danish Shipping
• Understand the aims and objectives of the Getting to Zero Coalition – Johanna Christensen,
Managing Director, Projects and Programmes, Global Maritime Forum
• Debate the issues of green financing for shipowners and green tech providers – D Michael Adams, President, Oceans Assets Institute
Focus on available technologies, efficiency management, hybrid solutions and future technologies:
• Understanding a holistic approach to incorporating technology across a world fleet
• What will the ship of 2030 and 2050 look like? – Christophe Tygat, Secretary General, CESA
The full speaker list and agenda are available to view online.

10 March – International Wind Propulsion for Shipping Forum [GST2020] – Held in association with IWSA. With the options for wind propulsion systems expanding rapidly, this one-day forum will be the one-stop shop for discovering the real state of the market. Supported by the IWSA, the programme will examine financing and pathways to market; developing the technology, retrofitting challenges and operational solutions onboard; class society guidelines for safe operations; shipowners’ experiences and expectations; presentations of new technologies on the horizon with a look into the future. View agenda. Claim your 20% off now and book online.

December 2019

13 December – New Members: IWSA is very pleased to welcome a group of new members and supporters to the association.

SSPA (Sweden) – Full Member – SSPA is an independent research institute based in Sweden supplying maritime solutions for shipowners, suppliers, designers, shipyards, ports and maritime authorities worldwide. In projects related to wind propulsion, SSPA is often the link between the supplier and the shipowner, providing independent 3rd party evaluation and design support.

HHx blue (Germany) – Associate Member – provides advisory and brokerage services for the maritime industry. Their team can substantially contribute in projects demanding innovative and green solutions as well as to ground-breaking projects of the Blue Economy.

Oceanic Research Institute (Australia) – Registered Supporter – ORI is Australia’s only independent, Approved Research Institute for Ocean science (Registered Charity). ORI’s international scientists will explore climate-sensitive East Greenland, Pacific Islands and GBR to study impacts of climate crisis on Ocean and coasts, collaborating globally on melting glaciers, sea level rise, marine bioacoustics.

The International Windship Association also welcomes Green Marine as an association member in a reciprocal arrangement with IWSA with the same associate member status within Green Marine. Green Marine is an environmental certification program for the North American marine industry. It is a voluntary, transparent and inclusive initiative that addresses key environmental issues through its 12 performance indicators. Participants are shipowners, ports, terminals, Seaway corporations and shipyards. To receive their certification, participants must benchmark their annual environmental performance through the program’s self-evaluation guides, have their results verified by an accredited external verifier and agree to publication of their individual results.

We look forward to working together with Green Marine in the future to further decarbonise the industry and raise awareness of wind propulsion and of the Green Marine certification process.

We also have a reciprocal associate membership and collaboration agreement with the World Ocean Council and NAMEPA

13 December – Bunkerspot Article: Wind Works: Gavin Allwright of the International Windship Association considers how wind propulsion can help shipping to meet the decarbonisation challenge.
This article naturally focuses on the contribution that wind-assist and primary wind propulsion solutions fit into the wider alternative fuels, electrification and decarbonisation pathways. Download PDF: Wind works

05 December – Marintec, Shanghai – Congratulations to the Anemoi Marine Technologies team and SWS on the announcement of their partnership with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding (SWS) and Lloyds Register Classification Society (LR) as part of a Joint Development Project collaboration for Approval in Principal (AIP) of a new generation Energy Efficient 180,000DWT Dual Fuel Capesize Bulk Carrier using the Anemoi Flettner Rotor System for wind assisted propulsion.

05 December: Marintec, Shanghai – Congratulations to the Norsepower Team on the announcement of the completion of a joint development project with SWS (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Ship Building Co., Ltd) for developing an energy efficient dual fuel VLCC design that has gained approval in principle (AiP) from Lloyds Register and ABS.

04 December – COP25 Madrid – IWSA presentation & panel at Side Event – Pacific Decade for Sustainable Transport hosted by IWSA supporter the Pacific Island Development Forum
Download flyer: 4_SIDE EVENT COP25 – Pacific Decade Sustainable Transport

03 December – DNV-GL announces the publication of a new Standard, the Standard ST-0511 on “Wind assisted Propulsion Systems” for ships. You can access this document via the DNV-GL homepage or following this link, under which also possible later updates will be available:

01 December – Article: Hunting the Wind, Making Hydrogen: Japanese researchers thinking outside the box have designed a wind-powered vessel that can make hydrogen while sailing the oceans.

November 2019

Recent Research from MARIN: Propellers, Seakeeping & Manoeuvring with Wind Propulsion

During the Wind Propulsion conference in November at RINA in London, MARIN presented some of its recent research work. Read More: MARIN Research Paper Nov 2019

30 November: Announcement – Anemoi Marine Technologies, has appointed Kim Diederichsen as their new CEO with the task to take the company’s wind assisted propulsion systems to a global market.

27 November: IMO Assembly – 31st session: Statement by Prof. Orestis Schinas, Permanent Representative of the Union of Comoros – strong backing for wind propulsion technology solutions.

“….our Administration encourages the Member States to also consider proven wind-assisted power boosting devices as complementary technologies alongside the currently dominant combustion engines and as a vital tool in the move to a decarbonized fleet. There are currently multiple wind technology solutions becoming available for both large and small vessels and the regulatory effort is low, yet the benefits are high.”

Full Text Download  Comoros_Statement_Schinas_27Nov2019

25 November – Press Release: The Ship that’s also a Wing: A cutting-edge auxiliary wind propulsion concept for ships has recently won a prestigious German design award. Vindskip, developed by company Lade AS, Ålesund, Norway, is the winner of the German Design Award 2020 in the category Excellent Product Design – Conceptual Transport.

21 November – Ecoclipper – Project Update

EcoClipper is introducing the prototype 500 cargo/passenger sailing vessel.

The innovative design cooperative Sailvolution and specialised shipping company EcoClipper have worked together with a broad group of advisers to design a prototype cargo/passenger sailing vessel. Their aim is to scale up the success of current sail cargo vessels and offer worldwide emission free transport.

The multi-purpose design makes it possible to serve two entirely different markets. First, the intercontinental freight market for companies who do not want to compromise on environmental considerations with their logistics. Secondly, the market for long-distance transport of paying passengers. The latter could compose of a diverse group of people who decided to take an emission-free sailing vessel instead of flying for romantic or practical reasons.

The EcoClipper500 prototype will be the first newly built deep-sea sailing cargo vessel not propelled by mechanical means in the 21st century. EcoClipper came up with this design after analysing the experiences and market conditions of the current sail cargo vessels in operation. Her size was decided according to an analysis to determine the smallest size sailing vessel still capable of being financially viable and profitable on long ocean routes.  DOWNLOAD FULL UPDATE EcoClipper is introducing her prototype 500 cargo passenger sailing vessel.

divider] [/divider]

20-22 November – IWSA Secretary General at World Ocean Council: Sustainable Ocean Summit. Highlighting the financial challenges evident for new innovators in the Blue Economy development & discussions of innovative ways of how blended finance, philanthropic & corporate funding are being brought to bear.

19-20 November – IWSA presentation at The Motorship: Propulsion & Future Fuels conference – well received delivery of the message that Wind Propulsion (up to 30%) + Vessel Optimisation  (20%+) + Operational Optimisation (20%+) brings substantial reductions of fuel and emissions, leaving a much reduced alternative fuel requirement to be filled, all utilising today’s technology.

13 November – DFDS tests aluminium sail concept: eConowind and Green Shipping project installed on Lysbris Seaways. A prototype from eConowind was installed on the deck of Lysbris Seaways on Wednesday 13 Nov in Amsterdam.

06 November – Shipping Award Announcment: Congratulations to IWSA member eConowind for winning the NL Maritime Innovation Award 2019! for their Ventifoil solution. Guus van der Bles, Director Development at Conoship International, and Frank Nieuwenhuis, Managing Director of Econowind BV, accepted the award.

eConowind Announcement (Dutch):
Conoship Announcement (English):

05-06 November – Lloyd’s Maritime Academy – Future Fuels Seminar – IMO HQ, London
Two days of discussion around the decarbonisation of shipping, including the critical component of Wind Propulsion solutions.

01 November: EU-backed Wind-Assist Ship Propulsion (WASP) Project Launched

The WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion) project, funded by the Interreg North Sea Europe programme, part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to the tune of €5.4 million has been officially approved and launched. The project brings together universities, wind-assist technology providers with ship owners to research, trial and validate the operational performance of a selection of wind propulsion solutions thus enabling wind propulsion technology market penetration and contributing to a greener North Sea transport system through harvesting the regions abundant wind potential.

Shipping partners include; Scandlines, Boeckmans Ship Management and Van Dam Shipping along with two additional partners to be added shortly. Wind propulsion, shipping logistics and innovation experts will be monitoring and evaluating operations and developing pathways and applications to tackle the regulatory and business-related issues that are often major barriers to the uptake of new technologies. This expertise is drawn from Chalmers University of Technology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Kühne Logistics University, the Danish Ecocouncil, Nord University, SSPA, the European Federation for Transport and Environment, and supported by the International Windship Association and the Netherlands Maritime Technology Foundation.

Press Release: Download

October 2019

31 October – ClassNK – Environment & Shipping Seminar: ClassNK HQ, Tokyo, Japan – IWSA SG, Mitsui O.S.K Lines & Airseas giving presentations on latest developments in the development of wind propulsion technologies. Agenda (Japanese)


Norsepower Rotor Sails Confirmed savings of 8.2% Fuel and associated CO2 in Maersk Pelican Project: Two 30-metre tall Rotor Sails installed match initial fuel saving expectations.

24 October – International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC) 2019 – IWSA SG on panel to discuss ‘Decarbonizing Transport with Renewables: Markets and Technologies’ Grand Ballroom 102 1130-1300, COEX, Seoul, South Korea,

24 October – Shipping Professionals Network Hamburg – IWSA Presentation at the offices of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

24 October – IWSA Presentation (USA) – NAMEPA Marine Environment Protection Annual Conference and Awards 2019
2:00 pm – 9:30 pm : Facing the Decade of Decarbonization
| Hornblower Infinity*, Pier 40 | New York, NY, USA
– Power of Wind (IWSA presentation)

23 October – New Articles: A recent set of new wind propulsion articles highlighting the growing momentum in commercial wind propulsion, from small traditional vessels to large blue ocean ships.

Dream Ships Could Turn the Tide for Trans Ocean Shipping (Grist):

Sailing Ships Cleaning Up Sea Transport (Guardian UK):

Extra Power Sources & Systems (ShipInsight):

Shipping Firms Look to Sail into the Future (Agence France-Presse / Mail & Guardian):

22 October – International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC) 2019 – Side Event – A Wind Propulsion-Plus-Plus Pathway Towards Carbon Neutral, Renewables Based Vessels – 10:00-11:30 Conference Room E1 (Solar)

New IWSA Members
We are delighted to welcome the following new members to IWSA

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (Japan) – Japan’s Largest Shipowner is stepping up to deliver the Wind Challenger Project.

Nayam Wings (Israel) – developing wind propulsion system composed of unique wing that produce high propulsive force.

13 October – The International Windship Association just joined Green Marine as an association member and Green Marine now has the supporter status within IWSA’s membership.

We look forward to working together with Green Marine in the future to further decarbonise the industry and raise awareness of wind propulsion and of the Green Marine certification process.

IWSA EVENT: Winds of Change – Wind Propulsion’s Role in Decarbonizing Shipping
Friday 18 October, 1300-1630

Port of Montreal 2100, Pierre-Dupuy Avenue, Wing 1, Montreal (DJT room)

Join us for a conversation about the growing trend of wind propulsion in commercial shipping and pathways to decarbonize this global industry. Wind propulsion technology solutions are forecast to be installed on over 10,000 vessels by 2030, come and find out more.

The line-up will feature talks by:

Gavin Allwright, Secretary General of the International Windship Association [IWSA] The world’s leading expert on the wind propulsion market development will present the current opportunities, latest developments in the sector and discuss the barriers and hurdles to still be overcome.

Alistair Johnson, CEO of Davisedo Design – Vancouver based company developing the ‘Tig Rig’ retrofit sail system is a way of retrofitting square rigged sails mounted on self-contained base units to the hulls of existing flat decked merchant ships.

NEOLINE – St Nazaire based company with it’s first shipping route plans to connect St-Nazaire to the East Coast of the US from 2021, calling at St-Pierre & Miquelon on the return voyage with two newbuild 150m RORO vessels offering a fortnightly service. Cargo partners include Renault & Beneteau.

James Rhodes, CEO, Magnuss – Magnuss is a maritime technology firm that provides modern wind-based propulsion for global shipping. The Magnuss VOSS or Vertically-variable Ocean Sail System is a proven, best in class fuel saving technology, driving the de-carbonization of the shipping industry.

DOWNLOAD INVITATION Invitation – IWSA Event – Port of Montreal – 18 Oct 2019

Event supported by: World Ocean Council, Green Marine, NAMEPA

Sponsored by: Anemoi Marine Technologies, Dasivedo Design, eConowind, Finocean, Inerjy, Magnuss, MARIN, NEOLINE, Norsepower, Peaceboat – Ecoship, Sail Cargo Inc., Smart Green Shipping Alliance, Wind + Wing Technologies

15-17 October – Wind Propulsion Conference 2019 – hosted by RINA in association with IWSA. A big thank you to the RINA team, the presenters and chairs for the conference, Diane Gilpin (chair and keynote) Smart Green Shipping Alliance , John Buckingham (BMT & VTAS) and Capt. Michael Vahs (Hochschule Emden Leer) & Gavin Allwright (IWSA SG)

13 OctoberNorsepower takes a big step as it signs service agreement with Wärtsilä to strengthen global wind propulsion service network

10 OctoberVPLP/AYRO design signs its first ocean transport ship equipped with Oceanwings® wings. The European space Agency/Arianne Group has signed the contract to develop and build a 121-metre-long RORO vessel for transporting components of the Ariane 6 rocket from Europe to French Guiana. Equipped with four Oceanwings®, the vessel is designed to have the least impact possible on the environment. The Canopée vessel should be launched in 2022 and is being built together with another IWSA supporter Zéphyr & Borée

07 October – IWSA SG visit to meet the team on the Energy Observer moored just by Tower bridge, London – very interesting vessel tour and discussions regarding the AYRO/VPLP designed rig performances. Very pleased to see that the IMO team along with SG Kitack Lim also visited the vessel noting that it is an important testbed for decarbonisation technologies – wind propulsion + H2

06 October – Call for Papers – INNOVSAIL 2020

The INNOVSAIL conference, in association with IWSA, will be held in Gothenburg in June 2020. This is the fifth conference in the series. While all previous conferences have been held in Lorient, France, INNOV’SAIL 2020 will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-17 June, 2020 in cooperation with the previous organizers Ecole Navale and Cite de la Voile.

The conference venue is Långedrag, the sailing centre of Gothenburg and the lectures will be held in a conference hall facing the race course. On the second day, there will be a race between the conference delegates: The Nation’s Cup for the Seldén Trophy. We will have the conference dinner on an old sailing ship in the Gothenburg Harbour.

The conference will provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest scientific and technological research and its application in the complex field of sailing. The applications may be either yacht racing or wind-assisted ships. INNOV’SAIL 2020 will offer a unique opportunity to scientists, naval architects, engineers, sailors, ship owners, sail makers, ship and yacht builders, rig specialists and others involved in this fascinating and challenging field to come together to share skills and know-how.

Papers are invited on the following topics to be covered by the conference (list not exhaustive). Note that the topics apply to yacht racing as well as wind-assisted ships:

· Aerodynamics
· Design of sails, masts, rigging
· Hydrodynamics
· Design of hulls, appendages, foils
· Structural analysis and materials
· Fluid structure interaction
· Computational methods and model validation
· New experimental results and techniques
· Towing tank, wind tunnel and full scale measurements
· Performance enhancement in general
· Performance prediction
· Weather routing
· Racing tactics and strategy, micro-meteorology and sites investigation

Abstracts of no more than 400 words and 2 pages should be sent to by 15 November 2019. Notification of acceptance will be given by 15 December 2019. Full papers of accepted abstracts will be due by 1 March 2020.

The scientific committee is presently exploring the possibility of having a special issue in a recognized journal where papers with the highest scientific quality may be published. At INNOV’SAIL 2013 and 2017 this opportunity was offered by Ocean Engineering.

Further information will be available from the following website Registration for the conference will be done on the web site. Questions on the conference should be directed to

04 OctoberIMO visit by IWSA SG – joining the World Maritime Day celebrations & recording WMU lecture as part of IWSA education program.

03 October – Japan’s shipping major Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Oshima Shipbuilding have jointly obtained Approval in Principle (AIP) from ClassNK for the design of a hard sail system.

September 2019

CALL FOR PAPERS – Speaking applications to the launch of the International Wind Propulsion Forum – 10 March 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark – in association with International Windship Association. The event covers the technical, financial and operational aspects of wind propulsion and will run just before the 17th annual Green Ship Technology (GST) Europe Conference – 11-12 March 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Key Themes for 2020:
• Design and operation of wind propulsion systems
• Technical installation and retrofitting issues
• Pathways to market
• Case studies of shipowners’ experiences and expectations

We are looking for case studies, thought pieces, technical presentations and even suggestions for panels and debates. If you would like to get involved, please email submissions no later than Monday 30 Sept 2019. Contact: Vanessa Darnborough

10 September – Announcement – The European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre United Kingdom (ESA BIC UK) has awarded Smart Green Shipping Alliance Ltd. (SGSA) a grant that will help develop a system to more accurately calculate potential fuel savings for commercial vessels moving to wind propulsion.

Announcement – Celtic Cruises, the owner of SV Lo Entropy are proposing to establish a regular zero-emissions sail/hydrogen auxiliary ferry route from Ramsgate to Ostend. The vessel will carry upward of 50t of cargo and 12 passengers on the daily crossing and they have released a funding call for investment. Download info sheet – lo entropy – investment opportunity

Wind Propulsion 2019 Conference — 15-16 October 2019, RINA HQ, London, UK


The current use of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources within the shipping industry is still relatively scarce. Growing environmental legislation and concerns are driving the need to develop and apply innovative alternative power and propulsion technology for ships.
Now, industry players are increasingly putting a modern spin on one of the oldest concepts in shipping: harnessing the power of wind for ship propulsion.

RINA in collaboration with International Windship Association (IWSA) are delivering this two-day event at a critical juncture for the decarbonisation of the industry.

Register by 16th September 2019 and save money – Early Bird Registration fees


25-26 September: Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Seminar – CANCELLED
The Hatton, London

05 September – Class NK releases guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion vessels – the guidelines are available for free download

05 September
Thank you to all of the presenters at the MARIN-SSSRI Green Shipping seminar in Shanghai. Gavin Allwright, Secretary general of IWSA was honoured to be the Chair for the seminar and it proved to be a very interesting day, learning of all of the developments in China around wind propulsion, big data, shipping efficiency and alternative fuels. We were delighted to see our members presentations from MARIN and Norsepower (both supporters of the Asia tour) alongside the IWSA wind propulsion development overview presentation. An additional thank you goes out to the local SSSRI and JV staff for all of their hard work in preparation for the event and on the day.

04 September
In another move to provide information on wind-assist and primary propulsion to the shipping industry, Class NK has just released ‘Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems for Ships’ – press release

We agree with Mr. Hayato Suga, Corporate Officer and Director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division who stated at the unveiling “Once wind was main source to propel ships and the technology utilizing wind is emerging again to energize ships’ environmental performance.” and for the need to ensure the safety and good performance of wind propulsion systems.
The guidelines will soon be available to download free of charge via ClassNK’s website for those who have registered (also free of charge) for the ClassNK “My Page” service.

IWSA SG meeting at MTCC- Asia offices in Shanghai with Professor Jin Yongxing, Director of IMO MTCC-Asia & Chairman of International Maritime Lecturers Association

03 September
A big thank you to the MTCC-Asia and Shanghai Maritime University team for taking the time to meet with the IWSA SG and discuss both the MTCC – Asia activites in China, Myanmar, Cambodia and further afield and the developments in wind propulsion and renewable energy in the industry. The IWSA is on the advisory committee for the IMO & EU Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCC) program and we will continue to support these activities worldwide.

02 September – WWEA Board Meeting – IWSA update presented at our cooperation partners World Wind Energy Association board meeting. Great to get a full update of land and offshore wind energy developments around the world. We are looking forward to joint side event activity at KIREC 2019 event in October.

IWSA Asia Autumn Tour

Asia is a key market for shipping and central to the shipbuilding industry. While IWSA and our members have been actively engaged with the region over the past few years, we feel it is an important time to start raising the Wind Propulsion profile in the region in preparation for the increased interest in decarbonisation technology solutions for the world’s fleet over the coming year. Wind propulsion technologies can deliver significant fuel and carbon savings using today’s technology, harnessing energy delivered to vessels at the point of use, without storage or infrastructure requirements and after the initial CAPEX is covered, then only standard maintenance OPEX – fixing that percentage of fuel cost at ZERO for the lifetime of the vessel. This is the message we are bringing to the Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets over the next 2-3 months

We would like to thank the members that are actively supporting the Asia Autumn tour and we look forward to welcoming additional supporters over the next few weeks: Many thanks to eConowind, Finocean, MARIN, Norsepower & World Wind Energy Association

02-06 September – CHINA – As part of this trip the IWSA Secretary general will chair MARIN-SSSRI Green shipping seminar in Shanghai and also present the latest developments in the wind propulsion. There will also be presentations from IWSA members MARIN and Norsepower.
This trip will also be an excellent opportunity to meet the MTCC Asia team and also to discuss with multiple stakeholders about developing the IWSA Asia Wind Propulsion hub further.

5 September 2019 – SSSRI-MARIN Seminar – This seminar will put a spotlight on Smart shipping and Green propulsion. Presentations will be given by experts from the industry, SSSRI and MARIN Grand Soluxe Zhongyou Hotel Shanghai: No.969 Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120 – Free of charge, including drinks, snacks and lunch

22-26 October – KOREA – IWSA will be attending Kormarine & presenting at the International Renewable Energy conference held from 23-25 October in Seoul, South Korea. We are also putting together a sustainable shipping side event and further details will be posted soon.

KIREC 2019 23-25 Oct – IWSA SG – Speaker: TRACK 3C: Finance, Technology & Industrialisation (Decarbonising Transport with Renewables: Markets/Technologies) – Thu, 24 Oct 2019, 11:30 ~ 13:00

KORMARINE Maritime Conference 22-24 Oct – Busan, South Korea

27 Oct – 01 Nov JAPAN – We will hold an IWSA seminar in Tokyo and a number of shipping/transport organisation briefings. Full details will be posted soon.

IWSA US & Canada – Follow up dates
In addition to our activities in Asia, we are also holding a number of follow-up activities in the US and Canada including:

15-17 October – SHIPPINGInsight conference, Stamford, CT – IWSA will have a booth at the conference and presentation/panel on the final day. Held at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.

18-21 October – IWSA Event in Eastern Canada – date & venue to be announced

We are very happy to have the continued support in these US/Canada activities from: Anemoi Marine Technologies, Dasivedo Design, eConowind, Inerjy, MARIN, Neoline, Norsepower, Peaceboat – Ecoship Project, Sail Cargo Inc., Smart Green Shipping Alliance, Wind + Wing Technologies
Activities also supported by World Ocean Council, Green Marine, NAMEPA & SHIPPINGInsight

August 2019

14 August – Announcement: Ferry operator Scandlines has announced that it has signed an agreement with Norsepower Oy Ltd to install their Rotor Sail Solution on board the M/V Copenhagen, a hybrid passenger ferry. Read Press Release

NOMINATION – IWSA Associate Member Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) has been nominated for the 2019 CAREER4SEA EUROPORT Educational Award. The voting period to select the winner among the TOP5 has just started. The award is to be given to an institution fostering excellence and career within the shipping industry. HSBA’s unceasing investment in high-quality maritime education and research has already earned the university the premium seal of the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) for its MBA programme in Shipping last year. With its location in the heart of Hamburg – harbour city and Germany’s most important location for shipping – HSBA is predestined to also ensure competitiveness in the future by means of developing the young generation for the industry.

To support IWSA Associate Member HSBA vote here by Monday, 30 September 2019:

The winner will be announced during the awards ceremony at the Plaza Speakers Corner on 8 November 2019 at the Europort 2019 in Rotterdam. HSBA is thanking everyone from IWSA for their great support!

UK Gov’t Clean Maritime Plan – Wind Propulsion Solutions – Substantial Growth Market Forecast

The UK Government’s Clean Maritime Plan (released in July 2019), has assessed the global market for wind propulsion systems over the next 30 years, and this is estimated to grow from a conservative £300 million per year in the 2020s to around £2 billion per year in the 2050s worldwide.


Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Seminar 25-26 September, London (IWSA Official Supporting Organisation) 20% IWSA discount

The Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Seminar will provide expert insight and practical guidance over every aspect of Electric and Hybrid propulsion: from strategic financial considerations, through to operational concerns, and looking forwards to future regulatory compliance in line with the IMO’s ambitious 2050 carbon reduction targets.
An intimate event that gives you face time with high level stakeholders across the supply chain. Speakers confirmed for this year include: Transport and Environment (T&E), PBES, Port of Kristiansand, IWSA, DNV-GL, UK Chamber of Shipping, and more.
IWSA Wind Propulsion Presentation – conference schedule & further information

New Members & Supporters

IWSA is delighted to welcome a group of new members and registered supporters. We look forward to working together to further the uptake of wind propulsion technologies in the industry.

New Member – AYRO (France)AYRO is a young start-up based in Paris, spin-off of VPLP design, world-renowned naval architecture firm. With the intellectual property of the Oceanwings® concept, it aims at promoting this wind propulsion solution through services and studies related to the system.

New Member – EcoClipper (Netherlands) EcoClipper is a specialist shipping company, that focuses on developing and launching a line of emission-free, square-rigged, sailing cargo ships.

New Member (Upgrade to Full Member) – SailCargo Inc (Costa Rica) SailCargo Inc mission is to direct the global maritime shipping industry towards carbon neutrality. They will build & operate a combustion-free cargo sailing vessel by synthesizing old-world ship building techniques with avant-garde energy & propulsion design. The ship, Ceiba, will sail the Pacific Ocean.

New Registered Supporter – Center for Post Carbon Logistics (USA)

New Registered Supporter – eOdyn (France)

New Registered Supporter – Seastel Marine System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (China)

July 2019

15 July – Welcome to our new associate member, the classification society Bureau Veritas. BV is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services. It is the largest TIC serving the marine and offshore industries, providing classification, certification and technical services – including fuel testing. A key focus area for BV is supporting safety and new technology including wind powered or wind assisted shipping. We are looking forward to working with the BV team in supporting the development of the growing technology segment.
Press Release – Bureau Veritas Joins IWSA + Graphics

07 July: Innovation Award Nomination – nominees for the Maritime Innovation Award have been announced and Conoship International has been selected with it’s eConowind-unit. Conoship are very proud of this nomination and also would like to congratulate Econowind who has a great part in the development of this self assisted wind propulsion innovation.
Further information

DOWNLOAD: English version of our summary report from “Fehn Pollux” sea trials and the first operational phase under service conditions. Source: Ship&Offshore | Greentech 2019 FehnPollux_Ship&Offshore_Greentech2019_Vahs-et-al


04 July – IWSA is delighted to announce a new member, LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS Group, an innovative shipowner offering tailor-made maritime solutions with high added value activities and integrated services, ranging from ship design to maritime operations for industrial marine solutions as well as for transport & logistics of dry bulk commodities. They are on a permanent quest for reducing gas emissions and CO2 foot print together with its customer AIRBUS and will be deploying AIRSEAS kite system onboard their vessels in the future.
Press Release – Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group Steers into the Wind + Graphics

01 July – ANNOUNCEMENT: NEOLINE announced at a press conference the signing of an LOI between Neoline and Neopolia SAS for the construction in Saint Nazaire (France) of its first two 136m sailing cargo ships. The contract to launch the shipbuilding project is scheduled for autumn 2019. Press Release

June 2019

26-27 June – eConowind Unit on Display outside of the Rotterdam venue at the Electric Hybrid show. The eConowind ventifoil system has a containerised version which is on display, recently successfully sea trialled on the Lady Christina.

18 June – Decarbonising the UK’s Freight: The Network aims to collect and distil current knowledge, as well as to identify and de-risk the key remaining research challenges that can unleash significant freight-decarbonisation targeted investment and guide enabling policy. This Network will foster a close-knit community focused on unlocking and enabling the next step in UK freight transport decarbonisation by providing a rigorous and independent co-created (stakeholder and academia) knowledge and evidence base and accompanying recommendations and strategy to accelerate investment.

IWSA is looking forward to working with the network as one of over forty partners (eleven universities and thirty industry partners), that prioritises research which can enable the energy/propulsion switch across the road, rail, sea and air freight modes.

18 & 20 June – Education Program – World Maritime University (WMU) – IWSA Secretary General Gavin Allwright led two days of seminars in Malmo focusing on sustainability, leadership and innovation in the maritime sector. A really active group of students from diverse backgrounds and multiple countries, including Nigeria, Georgia, Singapore, Vietnam, Liberia and Namibia. Good luck with your remaining studies and we are looking forward to hearing about sustainability projects you are involved with on your return to your respective countries.

19 June – Presentation at Green Ship for the Future AGM – Thank you to Kjartan and Katrine for the invitation and looking forward to collaborating with future decarbonisation projects.

4-7 June – Nor-Shipping – Delighted to see so many of IWSA members at the event, Airseas, Nosepower, Peaceboat, Vindskip, Smart Green Shipping Alliance – great reception for Wind Propulsion in Oslo this year.

07 June – Announcement – Samsung Heavy Industries & Norsepower – Lloyds Register approval in principal for innovative LNG fuelled VLCC featuring Norsepower rotor sails.

06 June – Nor-Shipping – Think Tank – bringing together 12 experts in decarbonisation, shipping operations and innovative low carbon technologies. IWSA SG raised numerous important points, importantly there was general agreement that we have the technologies required for decarbonisation, but scaling these quickly and economically is challenging. The use of wind propulsion technologies contributes up to 30% fuel savings as retrofits and significantly more for optimised new builds and thus a critical part of the renewable energy matrix. IWSA committed to deepening collaboration and industry engagement with the development of five regional wind propulsion hubs. A white paper will be developed from the discussions.

06 June – K-line & Airseas Press Conference – Announcement of a large order option for Airseas wind kite propulsion systems by Japanese shipping line, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Line ‘K-line’, with the option on up to 50 kites. Testing of the first installation will start in the next year. Congratulations to Airseas for securing the largest single order for wind-assist technology to date. Download Airseas Press Release 06062019

05 June – Nor-Shipping – Panel discussion – pathways to sustainability and decarbonisation in shipping. Discussion featuring Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary General and Diane Gilpin CEO of Smart Green Shipping Alliance. Key issues raised are the challenges around the failure of integrating ‘Business as Usual’ risks into investment decision making and the real possibility of significant stranded assets with continued investment in fossil fuel driven vessels

05 June – Announcement – Hyundai Heavy Industries & Norsepower – Hyundai receives approval in principle for VLCC Eco tanker design featuring Norsepower rotor sails.

May 2019

29 May – Natural Propulsion Seminar – hosted by Engie & organised by MARIN & IWSA and a very well attended event with approx. 100 attendees and presenters over the course of the day. A great line-up of technical presentations, including: Airseas, Anemoi Marine Technologies, AutoNaut, Blue Technology, Crain Technologies, Energy Observer, MARIN, Mathis Ruhl NA, Neoline, Transport & Environment, TU Delft, VPLP & Zephir et Boree. As always, a great opportunity to get a sense of what new developments and technologies are coming through the pipeline. Thank you to all of the presenters and attendees, looking forward to next year’s event.

28 May – New Member – IWSA welcomes Dr June Lee, INHA Technology College (South Korea) as a new associate member. we are looking forward to working together to further wind propulsion technologies in Asia and beyond.

28 May – WiSP kick Off meeting – IWSA participated in the kick-off meeting for the MARIN & ABS led joint industry project
The objective of this JIP is to overcome barriers to the uptake of wind-assisted propulsion, and specifically to:
– Improve methods for transparent performance prediction
– Use the improved methods to provide ship owners/operators with fast low-cost predictions for their fleet
– Review the regulatory perspective including status of rules and regulations, identify gaps and make recommendations, and provide examples on establishing compliance.

28 May – IWSA Annual General Meeting, Engie Building, Paris
Over 30 IWSA members came together for the annual general meeting. Agreeing on our pathway forward over the coming 12 months and beyond.
Members were delighted with the progress made in the sector over the last year, especially in the wind-assist segment, with quite a lot of further announcements in the pipeline for the next 6 months.

IWSA Executive Committee
We welcome two new executive committee members, Nicolas Abiven, Senior Systems Engineer, Chantiers d’la Atlantique (France) & Charlie Bogue, Director of Market Development & Strategy, Wind+Wing Technologies, Inc, (USA). A big thank you to Brian Boserup, CEO of Blue Technology who is stepping down after two years of EC service.

2019-2020 Development
IWSA SG Gavin Allwright delivered the AGM address with a clear message that there is strong momentum in the industry for decarbonising technologies which is picking up pace. Wind propulsion solutions offer a significant contribution to that toolbox, but it is noted that technology selection for new low carbon and zero-emission vessel designs are already underway in the market. The window of opportunity is open and it is time for wind propulsion to deliver across the board on the promised double digit savings.

Upcoming Activities
A very busy year is ahead and IWSA activities will include:
IWSA Hub Development – further development in all regions, with significant work underway in IWSA Europe – Atlantic, Europe – North Sea & Baltic. Foundations are already being laid in N. America and Oceania and later this year for NE Asia.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Assessment Award – IWSA will launch this project in Q4 to give a general overview of wind propulsion technology solutions & projects.
RINA & IWSA Wind Propulsion Conference 15-16 October
Short Film – creating a professional introduction to wind propulsion for a wider audience
Small Vessel Publication – project updates, barrier analysis, economic & business case analysis, routing and finances.
Webinar Series – we will be launching this series later in the year, bringing panels of experts together to discuss all things wind propulsion.

23 May – Education Program Seminar – presentation and discussion of developments in wind propulsion with Hamburg School of Business Administration students at UCL in London.


– Wind Propulsion coming to Paris 28-29 May-

IWSA will be holding it’s Annual General Meeting at ENGIE, La Defense, Paris during Blue Week. The AGM on the morning of the 28th May will then be followed by wind propulsion hub meetings in the afternoon and further discussions on strategies for the coming year. On the 29th May, we will have many of our members presenting at the Natural Propulsion Seminar at the same venue. We look forward to a constructive and busy couple of days charting the course for 2020 and beyond.

Natural Propulsion Seminar – Registration

Note: For IWSA members, if you would like to join the AGM, please contact the association secretary directly.


Call for Papers – Wind Propulsion 2019 Conference

15-16 October 2019, RINA HQ, London, UK

The current use of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources within the shipping industry is still relatively scarce. Growing environmental legislation and concerns are driving the need to develop and apply innovative alternative power and propulsion technology for ships.
Now, industry players are increasingly putting a modern spin on one of the oldest concepts in shipping: harnessing the power of wind for ship propulsion.
RINA and International Windship Association (IWSA) invite papers from designers, class societies, operators, researchers, and builders on all related topics.

DOWNLOAD – Call for Papers

Submission deadline: 01 July 2019

April 2019

Washington DC – 01 April 1500-1700

Winds of Change – Wind Propulsion’s Role in Decarbonizing Shipping

Join us for a conversation about the growing trend of wind propulsion in commercial shipping and pathways to decarbonize this global industry. The line-up will feature talks by the Secretary of the Award-winning International Windship Association ( and a senior researcher from the International Council on Clean Transportation ( on the emissions reduction potentials of wind-assist technologies for ships. Plenty of time for debate and discussion, along with refreshments.

This is a free to attend event but there are limited spaces available – please contact Gavin Allwright to reserve your spot. We will need your name, organization/position and contact cell phone.

DOWNLOAD – Invitation – Washington DC

Date: Monday 01 April
Location: Downtown Washington DC
Time: 1500-1700

Sponsored by: Anemoi Marine Technologies, Dasivedo Design, eConowind, Inerjy, MARIN, Neoline, Norsepower, Oceanfoil, Peaceboat – Ecoship Project, Sail Cargo Inc., Smart Green Shipping Alliance, Wind + Wing Technologies

Activities supported by Green Marine , NAMEPA, Port of Vancouver, World Ocean Council & SHIPPINGInsight


San Francisco Boat Show – 05 April 1630-1930

Blowin in the Wind – From Ferries to Super Tankers: Wind Propulsion is making a comeback in Commercial Shipping

Join us for a conversation about the growing trend of wind propulsion in commercial shipping and pathways to decarbonise this global industry. The line-up will feature talks by the Secretary of the Award-winning International Windship Association ( and Wind+Wing Technologies ( on their innovative wingsail designs. Plenty of time for debate and discussion, along with a finger buffet and drinks all aboard the Adventure Cat, rated one of San Francisco’s “Must Do” activities to see the Golden Gate Bridge and surrounding sights. Now in their 28th season, Adventure Cat takes over 40,000 guests a year on their custom built catamarans for unforgettable sight-seeing excursions, and sailing 95% of the time on the power of the wind!

This is a free to attend event but there are limited spaces available – please contact Charlie Bogue or Gavin Allwright to reserve your spot. We will need your name, organisation/position and contact cell phone.

DOWNLOAD Invitation – San Franscisco

Date: Friday 05 April
Location: Pick up point – San Francisco Boat Show Venue
Time: 1700 meet, Cast off at 1730-2000 – don’t be late!
Voyage Duration: 2.5hrs (return around 2000)

We look forward to welcoming you all aboard.

Sponsored by: Anemoi Marine Technologies, Dasivedo Design, eConowind, Inerjy, MARIN, Neoline, Norsepower, Oceanfoil, Peaceboat – Ecoship Project, Sail Cargo Inc., Smart Green Shipping Alliance, Wind + Wing Technologies

Activities supported by Green Marine , NAMEPA, Port of Vancouver, World Ocean Council & SHIPPINGInsight

March 2019

12 March: Announcement: IWSA winner of the Prestigous Green4Sea Initiative Award

“We all face the immense challenge of rapidly decarbonising shipping and technology that can deliver 5-20%, possibly 30% fuel savings as retrofit options and 30% upwards for new optimised vessels can’t be ignored – the issue is not why, but when and how we will install wind solutions.” said Gavin Allwright, Secretary of the International Windship Association (IWSA) at the GREEN4SEA award ceremony at the Yacht Club of Greece when receiving the prestigious Initiative Award on Tuesday 12 March

Port of Vancouver – 27 March 1400-1700

Winds of Change – Wind Propulsion’s Role in Decarbonizing Shipping

Join us for a conversation about the growing trend of wind propulsion in commercial shipping and pathways to decarbonize this global industry. The event will be hosted by Port of Vancouver on Wednesday 27 March, 1400-1700. The line-up will feature talks by the Secretary of the Award-winning International Windship Association ( and the locally based CEO of Dasivedo Design ( on their innovative Tig Rig retrofit designs. Plenty of time for debate and discussion, along with refreshments.

This is a free to attend event but there are limited spaces available – please contact Gavin Allwright to reserve your spot. We will need your name, organization/position and contact cell phone.

DOWNLOAD – Invitation – Vancouver

Sponsored by: Anemoi Marine Technologies, Dasivedo Design, eConowind, Inerjy, MARIN, Neoline, Norsepower, Oceanfoil, Peaceboat – Ecoship Project, Sail Cargo Inc., Smart Green Shipping Alliance, Wind + Wing Technologies

Activities supported by Green Marine , NAMEPA, Port of Vancouver, World Ocean Council & SHIPPINGInsight


SHIPPINGInsight 2019 15-17 October, Stamford, Connecticut

The premier technology forum and networking event for maritime industry professionals.

The maritime world is entering the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, with disruptors like automation and digitalization joining forces with impending regulations to create profound change in our industry. This unprecedented convergence results in challenges—and opportunity.

Join industry colleagues at SHIPPINGInsight 2019 to gain clarity on the pathway ahead. Meet with solution providers who will help not only maximize the potential of your business, but help you get in front of the demands being placed on industry, and society, today and in the years to come.

Established in 2012, SHIPPINGInsight is a multi-pronged industry engagement platform focusing on fleet optimization and innovation to support the maritime industry as it experiences accelerated change. In addition to a weekly news/opinion outlet, the signature feature of SHIPPINGInsight is its annual fleet optimization and innovation conference held in October in North America. The event provides a forum for shipowners and solution providers to exchange ideas and discuss challenges in facing the transformation of the industry. The 2019 event is taking place Oct. 15-17 at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.

Green Ship Technology and Shipping2030 Europe 19-22 March, Copenhagen.
IWSA Official Supporting Organisation

21 March – PANEL: Harnessing Renewable Energy 12:1512:55
Diane GilpinFounder CEO, Smart Green Shipping Alliance
Gavin AllwrightSecretary, International Windship Association (IWSA)

21 March – CASE STUDY: Norsepower’s Rotor Sails2:5513:15

Jukka Kuuskoski
Chief Sales Officer, Norsepower


13 MarchGREEN4SEA Conference will be held on Wednesday, 13th of March 2019 at the Lighthouse of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), IWSA Secretary will present an update on wind propulsion developments.

08 March – Call for Papers – Wind Propulsion 2019 Conference

15-16 October 2019, RINA HQ, London, UK,

The current use of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources within the shipping industry is still relatively scarce. Growing environmental legislation and concerns are driving the need to develop and apply innovative alternative power and propulsion technology for ships.

Now, industry players are increasingly putting a modern spin on one of the oldest concepts in shipping: harnessing the power of wind for ship propulsion.

RINA and International Windship Association (IWSA) invite papers from designers, class societies, operators, researchers, and builders on all related topics.

Submission deadline: 17 June 2019

DOWNLOAD – Call for Papers WP CFP WEB v6

Two 30mx5m Norsepower Rotor Sails onboard the Maersk Pelican

05 March – DNV GL Certifies Norsepower’s Auxiliary Wind Propulsion Solution
Ship classification society DNV GL has issued a type approval design certificate for Norsepower’s auxiliary wind propulsion system Rotor Sail Solution.

February 2019


Please check conference webpage for more details


We would like to warmly welcome aboard our latest IWSA members and registered supporters. We are looking forward to working together to further develop wind propulsion solutions for commercial shipping.

AirSeas (France) – Member

Wing Force Partners (Australia) – Member

Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA (Germany) – Member – IWSA Webpage uploaded

Avelaj (France) – Registered Supporter

Mathis Ruhl Architecture Navale (France) – Registered Supporter

08 February – NEW IWSA Brochure – the deadline for advert reservations for the New IWSA brochure is approaching. We would like to get all of the reservations concluded by 21 February for the first print run/pdf.

This brochure will be used at all IWSA events, provided at third party events, such as the conferences we support each year (initial print run of approx. 2000 copies) and the electronic version will be used throughout this period, and we expect that to more than double the audience.

If you are interested in placing an advert in the brochure or having inserts, please contact for availability, pricing and specs.

Upcoming Shipping Conferences

CMA 2019 – APRIL 2, 3 & 4, 2019 (Tue – Thu), Stamford Hilton Hotel, Stamford, Connecticut, USA
IWSA Official Supporting Organisation

The leading shipping conference in the US – Meet with a dynamic cross-section of industry leaders. In 2018, CMA SHIPPING welcomed over 2,000 visitors

For more information or to register,

contact CMA SHIPPING 2019
tel. +1.203.406.0109 ext. 3717 • fax. +1.203.406.0110

Green Ship Technology and Shipping2030 Europe 19-22 March, Copenhagen.
IWSA Official Supporting Organisation

The IMO’s ambitious carbon reduction targets, announced at MEPC72 in April, mark a sea change in the industry. With our sights set on 2050, the GST agenda for 2019 will tackle the issue of climate change and decarbonisation of shipping with topics including energy efficiency measures, alternative fuels and propulsion methods.

This year has also seen an unprecedented level of global interest in the future health of our seas and oceans – with concerns focussed on the oceans plastics crisis. The conference refreshed programme will take a wider look at the environmental impact of the shipping industry, from combatting the spread of bio-invasive species, to waste management and ship recycling.

Of course we are not losing track of the business-critical insights still needed to meet the requirements for the IMO’s BWM convention and 2020 Sulphur cap – as we see 16 years’ of GST discussions finally becoming a reality.

Speaker line-up includes:

Gavin Allwright, Secretary, IWSA
Diane Gilpin, CEO & Founder, Smart Green Shipping Alliance
Dr Edmund Hughes, Head, Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, Marine Environment Division, IMO
Theofanis Karayannis, Head – Marine Biosafety, IMO
Dr Patrick Verhoeven, World Port Sustainability Program Coordinator and Managing Director, International Association of Ports and Harbors
Lars Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO
Wolfram Guntermann, Director, Environmental Fleet Management, Hapag-Lloyds AG
Peter Skovly Jensen, Performance Governance Manager – Fleet Optimisation, Fleet Management & Technology at Maersk Line

As the International Windship Association are supporters of the event, you’re entitled to a 20% saving! To claim, use VIP code FKT3544IWSA during registration or use the following link


03 February – Green4Sea AWARDS – Shortlisted – Delighted to announce that IWSA has been shortlisted for the prestigous Green4Sea Awards – Initiative of the Year. If you support the development of wind propulsion in shipping, then please vote for us!!!

2019 GREEN4SEA Awards

IWSA Canada & US Spring Tour

25 March – 11 April – Canada & US Spring Tour – as previously announced, IWSA Secretary General will be heading over to the US and Canada this Spring for a series of events in this important region. The itinerary is still taking shape, however here are the key anchor events (other dates and venues to be confirmed)

25-28 March – Port of Vancouver – IWSA seminar hosted by Port of Vancouver

01 April – Washington – Policy briefings in Washington DC & IWSA NGO Seminar

02-04 April – CMA 2019 – Gavin will be attending all three days of the CMA 2019 conference in Stamford, Connecticut. This is the largest shipping conference in the US, and IWSA is also proud to be an official supporting organisation. He will also be on one of the panel discussions on Second Day, regarding alternative fuels and propulsion – focusing on decarbonisation pathways.

05-07 April – San Francisco Boat Show – there will be a number of short IWSA talks on all three days along with our local member Wind + Wing, who will also have their trial rig on show and booth there. We will also be arranging an informal dinner for all who would like to come down and join us!

08 April – IWSA Seminar at California State Maritime Academy – reserved for students and staff.

09-11 April – Miami Cruise Conference – Attending the Seatrade Global Cruise conference in Miami – Gavin will be on panel for the Environmental discussions on the morning of 09 April.

We are very happy to be supported in these activities by:

Green Marine: Founded in 2007, Green Marine is a North American environmental certification program that stems from a voluntary maritime industry initiative to surpass regulations. This inclusive, rigorous and transparent initiative focuses on environmental priorities through its 12 distinct performance indicators. To date, more than 125 ship owners, ports, terminals and shipyards from coast to coast in Canada and the United States are participating in the program. The Green Marine program’s unique character is derived from the support it receives from environmental, scientific and governmental organizations. These approximately 60 supporters contribute to shaping and revising the program.

NAMEPA: The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. Visit us at:

SHIPPINGInsight 2019:
The premier technology forum and networking event for maritime industry professionals.The event provides a forum for shipowners and solution providers to exchange ideas and discuss challenges in facing the transformation of the industry. Oct. 15-17 at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.

05 February – New article on Wind Propulsion by IWSA Secretary General, Gavin Allwright, in the influential monthly Greek business magazine Greek Business File. Also included in this issue, an interview with Costas Apodiakos – one of the main players involved in the development of the rotor wind-assist cargo ship AFROS, already nominated as Ship of the Year in the Lloyd’s list Greek Shipping Awards of 2018,

01 February – Congratulations to WWL and Becker Marine for their announcment of progress made towards the build of a wind-powered car carrier slated for 2021

January 2019

29-31 January – IWSA German Office Opened – We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in the renewable energy and sustainability NGO cluster in Bonn. We have taken an office next to our partners the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and we are looking forward to working together with all of the UN, EU and German national agencies in Bonn. We would like to thank the warm welcome we recieved at the offical New Year Reception hosted by the Bonn local and state government and the UNFCCC. New address: Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 5, 53113 Bonn, Germany

23 January – Article: The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind – good round up of some of the recent wind propulsion developments and announcments – much more to come, keep tuned!

The answer is blowin’ in the wind

10 January – Blueweek – Natural Propulsion Seminar – We are looking forward to the NPS again this year, 27-29 May, Energie, La Defense, France. The presentation papers are coming in and we are looking forward to a great meeting this year. The Natural Propulsion Seminar will be on 29th May and we will hold the IWSA Annual General Meeting on 28th May, 0900-1200 – there will also be IWSA Europe – Atlantique and IWSA Europe – North Sea & Baltic Wind Propulsion Hub meetings in the afternoon. Register here:

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