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International Windship Association | February 27, 2021

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SailCargo Inc. – IWSA Member

SailCargo Inc. – IWSA Member

Our mission is to prove the value of clean shipping. By creating a proof-of-concept, we can direct the global maritime shipping industry towards carbon neutrality.  We are building a combustion-free cargo sailing vessel by synthesizing old-world  shipbuilding techniques with avant-garde energy & propulsion design. Our ship, Ceiba, will sail the Pacific Ocean.”

SAILCARGO INC. aims to make a positive by being an effective, sustainable option. Through transporting freight with a wind-powered, carbon-neutral system, we offer a new way to look at the eco-factor of economy. Ceiba is a combination of traditional ship architecture and modern build practices: she will have a 100% electric engine which will be coupled with modern batteries, solar panels &  wind turbines to make all auxiliary power renewably sourced.  When sailing, the advanced variable pitched propeller will convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, stored in batteries.

IWSA Member

Youtube Channel: SAILCARGO INC.
Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Phone(+506) 8625 0909 (Costa Rica)

Fax(+506) 8625 0909 (Costa Rica)