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International Windship Association | July 24, 2021

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Wind Propulsion Technology Providers

Seagate Sail – IWSA Member

September 6, 2014 |

Seagate offers a new solution for the marine industry to convert wind power into fuel saving.


IWSA Member

Commercial applications

It is clear that the collapsibility, automatic operation, structural and aerodynamic efficiency of the Seagate rig may have application … Read More

Sail Line Fish – IWSA Member

August 21, 2014 |

Sail Line Fish is an innovative Company, based in the Shetland Islands, UK developing sail-system technology for carbon reduction and fuel efficiency in the shipping and fishing industries.


IWSA Member

We established Sail Line Fish Ltd … Read More

Fair Transport – IWSA Member

February 4, 2014 |

Fair Transport is a community dedicated to provide excellence in wind driven and hybrid sailing ship transport needs (bulk-, packet- or project-cargo).

Fair Transport is based on the idea that goods could and should be transported in … Read More