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International Windship Association | May 19, 2021

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Oceanic Research Institute – IWSA Supporter

Oceanic Research Institute – IWSA Supporter

ORI is Australia’s only independent, Approved Research Institute for Ocean science (Registered Charity). ORI’s international scientists will explore climate-sensitive East Greenland, Pacific Islands and GBR to study impacts of climate crisis on Ocean and coasts, collaborating globally on melting glaciers, sea level rise, marine bioacoustics.

ORI is the world’s first fully sustainable Ocean science institute, using traditional wooden sailing vessels with 100% renewable energy generated on board, producing zero carbon emissions. The ORI fleet of Research Expedition Vessels (REV) will lead the way for sustainable futures of ocean science and marine conservation. Wind propulsion means zero acoustic emissions, vital for safe research with whales, dolphins and all species vulnerable to acoustic trauma. ORI is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a partner to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) – to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health.


IWSA Supporter

AddressOceanic Research Institute: PO Box 29, Ballina 2478, NSW, Australia
Phone+61 2 6686 0117
E-mailDr Jennifer Gidley, Director of Research